Shea Center 2016 Annual BBQ

Veteran Kevin Whitney, suffered a spinal cord injury from a parachuting accident. Kevin was the featured rider for the evening.


Every year the Shea Center in San Juan Capistrano holds an annual BBQ fundraiser.  The Shea Center is a non-profit organization that provides equestrian therapy for people who have diverse complications from physical limitations to severe autism.

“The Shea Center offers classes that focus on a broad range and combination of disabilities. These classes fall under the general term “therapeutic riding” but each class is a sophisticated program developed to address the needs of that small group.

For example, physical rehabilitation classes are aimed at riders with impairments affecting muscles, bones and nerves. These classes use the input of the horse, activities on the horse and positioning on the horse, to provide strength, balance, and coordination.

Cognitive classes address the many processes of the mind, including planning, judgment, memory, orientation, concepts, attention, and language.

Sensory Processing classes provide activities on the horse to improve the brain’s ability to take in, analyze and respond to information from the body’s five senses. The primary goals of these classes are increased body awareness, sequencing and judgment skills, attention span, cause and effect, motor coordination, spatial awareness, and early learning skills.

Horsemanship classes help clients acquire and refine riding skills at the Center’s highest level. In addition to the physical benefits of riding, clients improve judgment skills, social interaction, coordination, motor planning, self confidence and self-esteem, and a greater sense of independence.

This years annual BBQ was a tremendous success due to the hard work of the center volunteers and the Support of the Montage Hotel and many caring and thoughtful local businesses that contribute to the silent auction and provide services for this worthy cause”.

I had a great time attending this most uplifting local event!  Below are some images from the BBQ.  As always, the Shea Center accepts and deeply appreciates donations large and small!  Get involved today at the






2016 Real Estate Video Demo Reel

This is our 2016 Real Estate Demo Reel featuring Aerial Work and Photography
by Robert Hansen, Video and Editing by yours truly, Stuart Christensen.
We had a very busy year and this reel is a mashup of some great shots
and beautiful Southern California properties. Enjoy!

Daft Punk Slept Here

Recently, I had the opportunity to produce a video of Bing Crosby’s former Estate in Rancho Mirage CA.
Along with Photographer Robert Hansen who shot the stills and aerial clips of the home, we spent
a long, hot day documenting this historic property for agent Laura Gale of Sotheby’s. Many celebrities
and well heeled desert travelers rent the home for special occasions, including the duo Daft Punk who
stayed here during a recent Coachella gig. Check out the video below to see this spectacular
estate that is now on the market.

Pacific Edge Media is Born

Joining Forces to offer more.   Pacific Edge Media is here to help anyone who needs words, pictures and media to help them sell stuff online or in a print catalog.  Our Team is dedicated to producing media that works for our clients.  Big or small, we like it all.  Combining the talents of Stuart Christensen (videography/editing), Robert A. Hansen (aerial and stills) and Todd Haney (web creator), Pacific Edge Media can produce whatever you need to stand out online.  More details coming in the future….Stay Tuned!